Unione musicale is always alongside young musicians, numerously and regularly present in its concert seasons.
For our first fundraising we decided to do more, choosing to support the young pianist David Irimescu, artist of exceptional talent whose career some years ago underwent an abrupt stop due to a difficult personal history.
Born in Turin 24 years ago from Romanian parents, David meets the piano at the age of nine and falls in love with this instrument, that helps him express his inner world through music.

Still in his adolescenthood, David faces a period of dejection, loosing his father and finding himself under critical economic situations. With huge efforts he keeps on with the studies at the Musical High School that completes with top marks. In the same period an important occasion opens up: David wins Amadeus Factory 2018 talent and, at the age of 19, becomes the new Face of classical music.
When his career seems to take off, suddenly he’s hit by a new drama: a severe systemic tendons inflammation blocks him completely for more than four years, a long time for anyone, but infinite for a musician just taking off.
This phase coincided also with the pandemic, a period that threw artists in anguish for the lack of perspectives and for the general situation of economical and work precariousness.
Nonetheless David doesn’t give up and fights day by day to face pains of such power to impede completely the use of the hands.
The recovery seems impossible, but David demonstrates from start an incredible effort and willpower, because he is not able to imagine for himself a life without music.
Now he’s ready to return and fly, and Unione Musicale wants to accompany him concretely through the realization of his dream.
Thanks to the donations we will be able to provide David support for the practical needs concerning his study and career:
From the purchase of music sheets and concert suit to the rental of a quality piano for his day-to-day study
From fees to attend masterclasses to supervision for website and media management, which nowadays are fundamental means to the promotion of an artist ……

Help us support David, pianist in .. crescendo

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