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Musical Fairy Tales

Every night, Madame Swarowsky and Puña sit down together to tell their little friends a bedtime story.
In the fun and excitement of it all, their imagination is let loose, leading the original tales into fun and surprising twists and turns of a more modern bent. Through song and dance, it will be up to the audience to help the stories reach their happy ending.

A Children’s History of Music

Join the friendly musicians Puña and Madame Swarowsky on a fascinating journey back in time over the history of music.
A fun, simple, and interactive exploration of seminal moments in music history, in eight engaging episodes from January through to May.

Interactions with Music

Pizz’n’Click is an interactive online series of eight episodes for budding little musicians, in which Puña and Madame Swarowsky (Eleonora Savini and Federica Vecchio) explore key elements of music.
Children listen, play, and sing along with the fun and games, in an entertaining language made up of sound and music!

Watch the episodes:

1 – Dancing with the Body
2 – Let’s Discover Slow and Fast Time
3 – Learn to Sing a Canon
4 – Animals in Music
5 – Making Music with Emotions
6 – Dancing with Stops
7 – Making Music with the Body
8 – Music in Colour

Sing, dance, and play music together with these video clips,
starring the musicians from our workshops. Enjoy!!!

First Sounds with Mum & Dad

Workshop for babies 0–24 months

Led by Vittoria Novarino, Chiara Caligaris, Chiara Musso, and Stefano Eterno

Having Fun with Music

Workshop for children 2-3 years old

Led by Elena Gallafrio, Maria Pia Olivero and Elena Tirelli

Song & Dance from the Forest

Workshops for children 3-4 years old

Led by Elisa Di Dio, Ilaria Zuccaro and Umberto De Marchi